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Revit Model for a Design Firm

Let Studio-Desk help you mobilize your Revit-Based Project

Is assigning Revit-skilled staff to a brand new project challenging because they are still engaged on an existing project? We can give your firm a big jump on getting started by building that initial Revit model for you.  We have successfully helped firms do just that, especially for renovation or interior improvements in existing buildings.  Why go through the hassle of turning old AutoCAD, PDF files, or worse, hard copy As-Builts into a useful Revit model when we can do it for you, and very likely at below your own cost to do so.

Existing Building Revit Model

NEGEV 23rd St. Work/Live - Baran Studio Architecture

We built a BIM model of an existing building core and shell in Revit 2016. It was an old brick and heavy timber warehouse which was being converted to Work/Live.  We used a combination of As-Built AutoCAD files, site measurements and site photos. It was important to show the different assemblies that were visible/identified such as concrete walls and frame, brick, heavy timber, etc.


This work was performed in 8 days

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