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On-demand Support for Architecture Firms

What We Do

We know what it feels like to be in crunch time... How stressful life can be just before that deadline when you have to finish pages and pages of drawings...


We also know how hard it is to say no to new work... You want to work with the client to design something beautiful but you just don't have the capacity...


Now you have a solution. Let Studio-Desk help you with your 3D modeling, graphics and CAD needs while you can focus on your client.


Our platform will match your job with the most suitable architect and your dedicated account manager will ensure speckless quality and timely delivery in a cost effective manner

Our Services





Graphic Design 

(proposals, booklets, reports, etc.)


Test Fit Plans


Tenant Improvement Base Plan




Elevation Drawing


Section Drawing


Door Schedule


Redline Pick Up


Detail Drawing


3D Modeling


Revit Family Creation


Site Plan Drawing


As-Built Base Plan Drawing


New Building Base Plan Drawing


Renovation Base Plan Drawing


Test Fit Plans


Shop Drawing Review


Coordination and QC Checklist Development


Code Analysis


Life Safety Plans


Detail Development


Toilet Room Drawings

Door Detail Development


Elevator & Shaft Drawings & Details

Cartoon Set Development


Document Review (Coordination Checklist & QC)


ADA Review


BIM Management


BIM Standards Development


BIM Execution Plan


LEED V4 Consulting


Operations Management


Project Management

Why Studio-Desk?

We know the individual strengths of our +1,000 part time architects. We will match you with the perfect person each time
The right architect for your specific task
Specialized treatment
You will have a dedicated account manager to ensure seamless execution and quality assurance
Manage Fluctuating Staffing Needs
Reach Top Technical Talent and Quality
Save on Headcount Costs
Get a Quick Turnaround

Get on-demand architectural support now!

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